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2023 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission

Thad Mancil, Chairman

Otto Dinkelacker, Vice Chairman

Ron Blitch

Andre Monnot

Paul Vogt

2023 Meetings & Deadlines
Meeting Dates

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 18

August 8

September 12

October 10

November 14

December 12


January 3

Februrary 7

March 7

April 4

May 2

June 6

July 5

August 1

September 5

October 3

November 7

December 5

Sec. 9-303
Historic Certificate of Appropriateness

Historic Certificate of Appropriateness 

Sec. 9-303. - Certificate of appropriateness required.

A certificate of appropriateness issued by the historic district commission shall be required before a work permit is issued for work within the historic district as follows:

(1) Demolition of a historic building;

(2) Moving a historic building;

(3) Material change in the exterior appearance of an existing building classified as historic by additions or reconstruction, alteration, or maintenance involving exterior color change;

(4) Any new construction of a principal building or accessory building or structure subject to view from a public street;

(5) Change in existing walls and fences, or construction of new walls and fences, if along public street rights-of-way;

(6) Material change in the exterior appearance of existing non-rated buildings by additions, reconstruction, or alteration, if subject to view from a public street.

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