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To remove a tree within the town limits you must first apply for a tree permit.  Below are instructions for how to get a permit.  Removal of protected trees will require an inspection by our Town appointed arborist.  Protected trees in Abita Springs are Live Oak, Cypress, Long Leaf Pine and Magnolia.

Apply for a Tree Permit

Steps to Follow for Tree Removal 

1. Choose a licensed arborist from the list of Arborists to the right.   You can call several different arborists, most will provide a free quote.

2. Have the licensed arborist you want to hire fill out the Tree Removal Application. Tree Removal Application


3. Scan and email or drop off your application to the Town Hall utility office.  Email:


3. The Public Works Clerk will review your application.  You will be notified once the paperwork is processed.  


The following are the two possible outcomes:


A. A permit will be issued, and you can proceed with cutting. You can view issued permits here.


B. A permit is not issued because the tree you are requesting be removed was identified as a protected species and you are required to have an inspection by the town arborist to receive a permit.

If you are required to have an inspection by the town arborist, you will need to pay the $40 fee.  


Please drop off payment to the Utilities Office. 

The inspection fee is $40.00 and can be paid with check or cash.  

View a List of Arborists with Contractor Registration 


You can sort our list by trade.

Contractor Registration is required.  All are licensed and insured

Protected Tree Species: 


Live Oak

Long Leaf Pine


Kristin Tortorich

Public Works Director

(985) 892-0711

Extension 3959

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