Recycling Pickup: Put out Sunday night for Monday pickup.

Garbage Pickup: Put out Monday night for Tuesday pickup.


Please containerize additional waste in bags or other containers.



Green waste is biodegradable waste composed of grass or flower cuttings, limbs and hedge trimmings, etc.

  • Green waste piles are not to exceed 4’L x 4’W x 6’H in size and must be bundled.

  • Nothing larger than 12” around

  • Nothing over 50 lbs.

  • Must be close enough to road for pickup with mechanical arm

  • Do not place under low hanging limbs or power lines or any type of overhead obstruction

Green Waste Pickup:

Pick up is usually 2-4 times a month.

Notify Linda (985) 892-0711 to be put on debris list for pickup.  The Town Marshall will ride around town to check debris piles.

Schedule Green Waste Pickup Here

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  • White good waste is permitted with the exception that refrigeration equipment must be certified that refrigerant was removed by a professional and sticker placed on the equipment.

  • Call ahead to progressive waste to schedule pickup. (985) 781-3171



  • The term “white goods” is used to describe major household electrical appliances. This would include: fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, freezers and dishwashers.


Progressive Waste Customer Service: (985) 781-3171


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updated 7/1/19

  • The most common mistakes made when using curbside recycling is contamination of recyclable materials due to food or grease being in/on containers. Please rinse before you recycle. Sometimes people use recycling bins for regular garbage. This garbage contaminates clean recyclables.

  • Paper towels, Kleenex & any soiled or wet paper (including pizza boxes w/ grease) go in garbage can

  • Do not bag recyclables, keep loose in bin

  • Please rinse containers with food on them before they go into the bin.


Linda Meeker

Extension 3956

Utility Clerk