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The Utility Office is responsible for new customer account set up, billing, receipt of payments, and the maintenance of utility records.  The Town of Abita Springs provides Gas, Water and Garbage pickup to most utility customers in city limits.

(985) 892-0711


Debbie MacLean

Extension 3957

Utility Director



Linda Meeker

Extension 3956

Utility Clerk



8:00 AM-4:00 PM

There is a drop box for payments available on the office door 24 hours/day


Setting Up a New Account

 1. Download your Utility Application Here.
- Direct Payment Plan Authorization Form- (Auto Draft)
2. Print and fill out your application.
3. Email, mail or drop off your completed application.  
-Email your completed Application to
-Mail your completed Application to 
Abita Springs Town Hall
Utility Department
PO Box 461
Abita Springs, LA 70420
-Drop off your Application at 
22161 Level Street
Abita Springs, LA 70420
When you enter Town Hall, the utility office is the first door on  your right.
4. Come to our Utility Office to pay your deposits.
A valid driver's license AND lease or purchase agreement are required to confirm address of service.

Utility Deposit Fee Schedule

Monthly Fees

Every customer is accessed a $1.00 monthly fee per service provided, along with a $1.00 Safe Drinking Water fee.  For example if you have all four services: water, gas, sewer and garbage. You will be accessed $1 for each.  Plus the $1 for the Safe Drinking Fee which would bring your monthly fees to $5.00.


Utility Deposit Policy

Effective 8/27/2019

All commercial and residential accounts are charged a $50 nonrefundable service fee in addition to the deposit amount.


Anyone who owns a property they will not reside in and will use as a rental will be charged a master deposit for each property. The master deposit will be held as collateral for utility charges made by the tenant that are left unpaid after application of the renter’s deposit to outstanding charges. Property owners will be required to replenish master deposit funds before new service can be connected in a new tenant’s name.


Tenants in a rental property will be required to pay a deposit on their service over and above the deposits held in the master deposit by the owner of the property at the time the service is put in their name.


If the tenant fails to pay a utility bill the debt will be satisfied in the following ways:

  1. Payments received on outstanding bills

  2. Applying the tenant deposit to outstanding bills

  3. Applying the master deposit to outstanding bills


No service will be connected on a rental property unless the outstanding bills have been settled and the master deposit has been replenished.

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