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Whole Town Garage Sale 2021

After receiving feedback from our community we understand that the citizens are ready for their garage sales! Although the 2021 Whole Town Garage Sale will not look the same as previous years, we are hoping to help promote the individual sales being held at citizen's private residences.

The Town is not selling vendor spots and there will not be any vendors set up in town. The Town is involved in helping to promote the individual private sales being held at residences throughout town that day.


If you plan to have your garage sale on the last Saturday of March (March 27, 2021) and would like your address or street advertised email Jessie at with your information! Please send your details no later than noon on Thursday, March 25, 2021.



Houses are marked with a yellow star circle

Public parking marked with purple "P" circle

Click on the marked homes for more details on that specific location


We love having guests from out of town come in and enjoy our Whole Town Garage Sale! We ask that visitors who choose to drive to our town find safe, legal parking spots that show respect to our homeowners and town. Please do not park on someone’s lawn, do not block driveways, do not park in areas that will block streets, or hinder the ability for emergency vehicles to get in. There is parking near the Trailhead Park, the parking lot behind Mama D’s Pizza, the St. Tammany Park and Ride on HWY 36 by the ballpark, and many spots throughout the neighborhoods. Thank you so much for your consideration of our residents. They spend so much time and energy to make this event happen. Welcome to our town!


There is no rain date. Since the town is only is involved in helping to promote the individual private sales being held at residences throughout town that day, it will be up to the individual homes if they will cancel on Saturday due to weather.

The map will be posted a couple days prior to the event. We are waiting to publish the list for the safety of those participating. We appreciate your understanding. You will find it and on our Facebook pages.

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