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*If your property is zoned Historic, you will need to get approval from the Historic Commission before applying for a building permit.  To confirm the zoning of your property please call (985) 892-0711, option 4.



repair/replace permit

Repair/Replace Permit



Examples of Repair/Replace Permit Work

Generator Install, A/C Repair/Replacement, Electrical Work, Plumbing Work, Roof Replacement, Window Replacement, 

Important Information

You need a building permit for work including but not limited to the following:

  • Ancillary Buildings

  • Accessory Buildings

  • Fences 7' and taller

  • Swimming Pools

  • Add or remove walls

  • Change the use of a room (such as by converting a garage to a living room)

  • Change the piping in your house

  • Re-roof your house

  • Demolish a portion of your house

You DO NOT need a building permit for the following: 

  • Adding kitchen cabinets

  • Replacing certain kitchen appliances

  • Installing floor coverings

  • Erecting a fence under 6' 11"* (COA Required)

  • Repainting your house* (COA Required)

*If you live in the Historic District you must submit a Certificate of Historic Appropriateness.


Kristin Tortorich

Planning and Zoning Director

(985) 892-0711, Option 4

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