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New Historic Application Deadlines


FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Abita Springs Town Hall, 22161 Level Street.

All historic applications are due 14 days prior to the meeting date.

Download and fill out the 3-page application which can be found on the Town’s website. (Any submittals after the cutoff date will be carried over to the next month’s meeting)

All building plans must be submitted as a PDF as well as a full-size set showing all four sides of the structure, with all required info and measurements.

(This includes a site plan / survey & the foot print of structure)

Historic regulations can be viewed on our webpage.

(Please double check all setback requirements, these are listed in the building permit packet under Planning & Zoning)

Agenda information will be posted 7 days prior to each meeting.

(Please check the web site to make sure you have been added to the Historic Agenda)

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