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Engineering Projects Update- October 2018

Jean Thibodeaux

Safe Routes to Public Places: Proposed grant request to improve connectivity to public areas such as schools, public buildings, and communities within the Town of Abita Springs. The project data required of the application process needs to start in Q4 2018 to meet 2019 spring application deadline. Project data and concepts to be proposed prior to the November meeting.

Abita Oaks Loop Parking: The developer/HOA is adding 11 off-street parking spots and a playground area. The project is substantially complete and the contractor is correcting punch list items.

Abita Trailhead Parking: Phase 1 - 30 parking places proposed using the Keller Street right of way between Highway 59 and the Tammany Trace behind the Abita Brew pub. The conceptual plan is complete. The project is estimated to cost between $18,000 and $25,000 depending final design and soil conditions. An additional 15-20 parking places may be added in a phase 2 depending on land availability.

Recreational Trails: Project pending US Army Corps of Engineers “Waters of the US” permit review. Following up with USACE on status.


Andre Monnot

Sewer Program: 15% design report submitted. Lift Station Rehab cost opinion is $100k under budget ($1.7M project vs. $1.8M budget). Gravity Collection Rehab status varies: Depending on method selected for service lateral rehab, 100% of the identified rehabilitation cost opinion is either $700k over budget, or $300k under budget ($3.8M or $2.8M project vs $3.1M budget). Design is proceeding on the known scope, and method selection/combination will be made at the 60% design submittal stage.

DOTD Utility Extensions: Construction underway.

Harrison Extension: Wetland delineation of proposed right-of-way pending.


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