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Engineering Projects Update- August 2018

Jean Thibodeaux

Abita Oaks Loop Parking: Developer/HOA adding 11 off-street parking spots and a playground area. Under construction, 70% complete Recreational Trails: Project pending US Army Corps of Engineers “Waters of the US” permit review. Following up with USACE on status. Abita Trailhead Park: Additional parking conceptual plan complete and the cost estimate is being developed.


Andre Monnot

Sewer Rehabilitation Program: CCTV inspection report received two weeks ago, late due to data loss by consultant & required re-inspection. Basis of design document expected mid-September.

Harrison Ave Extension Land Use and Transportation Study: Regional Planning Commission Report is complete. Next phase of the effort will begin in September, including environmental and engineering advancement of the concept.

Utility Service to LADOTD: Design is complete, permits issued, and DOTD agreement executed for extension of approx. 1,500 LF of 10” Water Main, a new sewer lift station, and 1,500 LF of 2” SFM, Construction of the water main will commence in early September. The total project time is approx. 90 days.

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