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Engineering Projects Update- January 2018

Jean Thibodeaux

Railroad Avenue - The contact was signed, and we are now issuing the notice to proceed to Kort’s Trucking. Construction is expected to start in February pending weather.

Recreational trails - Project permit application is being review by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We expect to receive the permit in February.

Abita Meadows - Currently in Final Stage Review and up for Preliminary approval. The majority of final stage comments have been addressed. There was not significant changes as a result of the final stage review. Highlights - Majority of engineering details are complete as well as the construction plans. Once all comments are addressed the plans will receive certification from the developers engineer and construction of phase 1 is expected to begin in 3 months.

Andre Monnot

Sewer Rehabilitation Program: Compliance Envirosystems, LLC is conducting the first phase of the investigation work, consisting of manhole inspections and smoke testing. Weather permitting, Phase I will be complete in 4-6 weeks, weather permitting. Line cleaning CCTV will begin after the smoke testing and manhole data is processed. 20 manholes were identified by metal detector underneath asphalt streets; and the rims are being chipped out and re-set at surface level to facilitate CCTV inspection.

Harrison Ave Extension Land Use and Transportation Study: A draft report of findings and analysis is to be presented to the Regional Planning Commission in mid-February. Traffic analysis and land use documentation is complete—graphics, drawings, and supporting narratives are being generated for the report.

Meadows (Utility Extensions part Only): The developer has gained approval from LADOTD for use of the LA 36 right of way. Construction drawings for the extensions in LA 36, and for the pumping stations within Meadows have been reviewed, and comments incorporated. Final validation of drawings is in progress.

Greg Lemons

Sidewalk and Trace Lighting Project (Grant): Submitted survey, submitted Army Corps approval, waiting on DOTD approval.

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