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A Message from the Mayor

From the desk of Mayor Greg Lemons,

Unfortunately, this weekend the news again reported tragic events. Reports of the senseless taking of lives seems to be in the headlines more and more often. This time it wasn't another country or even another state. This most recent tragedy occurred right here in a neighboring community. Three men, law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, the kind of men that we sometimes take for granted, the kind of men that run toward danger to protect us, were killed in a senseless act of barbarism. We ask a lot of them for little pay, and often with little appreciation. We are grateful such men and women are among us, we honor them, and their service, and we mourn them in unity with their families. I would like everyone to take a moment to remember these brave members of our neighboring law enforcement community, who risked it all, and made the ultimate sacrifice, paying with their lives to protect us. I also ask that when you see a Police Officer, take the time to let them know how much you care and appreciate their dedicated service.

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