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Changes to Garbage / Recycling / Green Waste

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Garbage must be put out Monday night and not Tuesday morning. Pickup times may vary! Sometimes starting a lot earlier than usual due to the shuffling of employees during the COVID-19 Event.

Recycling on Hold

The Town of Abita Springs has received notification from Coastal Environmental Services concerning recycling services in St Tammany Parish.

Effective immediately all resources will be utilized to make sure garbage is collected. This will be the primary focus. With the increased volume, there is a potential risk if garbage is not collected. With this goal in mind Recycling Collection is suspended. All recyclables placed at the curb will be dumped with garbage.

Bulky items and Green Waste will be picked up as manpower permits. All residents should place as much of the green waste in garbage bags as possible.

All garbage should be placed inside of the roadside cart inside of plastic bags and not loose.

Bag Garbage

When putting trash in your can please use bags to contain the trash. Our garbage handlers sometimes come in contact with your trash and when you fill a can without a liner they are more likely to do that. We want to protect them also.

Green Debris pickup has been suspended by Coastal Environmental for the time being. If it fits in your can it will be picked up otherwise we will notify when green debris pickup resumes.

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