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COVID-19 Update - Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Etc.

We are in constant communication with local grocers and food vendors and restaurant owners. This is in an effort to keep a constant finger on the pulse of the food chain for our citizens. Here are some tips we suggest: Grocery stores are open and restocking every day. They are working diligently to keep up with the demand for goods. Citizens can help by being deliberate in their shopping. Buy enough for a week or two of needs for your family. This allows the grocers time to restock product and get them to the most people in the most timely manner. Pharmacies are open. Restaurants are open for drive thru and curbside pick up only. Please try to visit them once or twice a week. If everyone does this it will help them maintain sales during this event. Use local farmers and vendors to supplement your purchases from grocery stores and restaurants. Help these small business owners remain in business and fill your refrigerators and pantries with fresh, local goods. The ability to access goods will continue moving forward. Consider your neighbors, follow the guidelines and communicate any issues to us through email or phone.

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