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The Easter Bunny is coming to Abita


Follow St. Tammany Fire District #8 on Facebook for live updates on where the fire truck and bunny are on the route.

*Leave Fire Station - St. Tammany Fire District #8*

1. HWY 36 to Danny Pk., Danny to Pine, Pine to Level, Level to Maple, Maple to Main, Main to HWY 435, 435 to Burvant, Burvant to Berthilde St., Berthilde St. to Lange, Lange to end – U-turn to Berthilde St., Berthilde to North, north to N Hollyoak, N Hollyoak to Hollyoak, Hollyoak to Vine, Vine to Berthilde, Berthilde to Burvant, Burvant to 435.

2. 435 to 5th Ave., 5th to Pilot St., Pilot to 6th, 6th to 5th, 5th to 435, 435 to RV Park.

3. Hwy 435 to Downs Ave., Downs to Sanders Rd., Sanders to Fauntleroy Rd., Fauntleroy to Cleland Rd., Cleland to N Rian, N Rian to Cleland, Cleland to Allen (1083), Allen to Sanders, Sanders to Lenel Rd., Lenel to Lowe Davis, Lowe Davis to Grand Lake.

4. Grand Lake to Kingsland, Kingsland to Long Lake, Long Lake to Camden Pk., Camden Pk. to Thornwood, Thornwood to Kingsland, Kingsland to Clear Lake, Clear Lake to Lowe Davis, Lowe Davis to Allen, Allen to HWY 435, HWY 435 to Main St., Main St. to Railroad Ave., Railroad Ave. to Holly, Holly to HWY 59.

5. HWY 59 to Pearl, Pearl to Haynes, Haynes to Millar, Millar to Gordon, Gordon to Pearl, Pearl to Poitevent, Poitevent to Millar, Millar to 59

6. HWY 59 to 12th, 12th to Bryan, Bryan to Palmer, Palmer to Minkler, Minkler to White, White to Bryan, Bryan to 12th, 12th to St. John, St. John to 11th, 11th to St. Joseph, St. Joseph to 7th, 7th to St. Mary, St. Mary to 11th, 11th to 59.

7. HWY 59 to Centerboard, Centerboard to Sloop, U-turn at Sloop, Centerboard back to 59, 59 to Harrison, Harrison to Emerald Creek, Emerald Creek to Emerald Creek E, Emerald Creek E to Emerald Creek W, Emerald Creek W to Emerald Creek, Emerald Creek to Harrison.

8. HWY 59 to Circle, HWY 36 E to St. Charles, St. Charles to Dundee St., Dundee St. to Dundee Loop, Dundee Loop to Linda Lou Ln., Linda Lou Ln. to 36, 36 to Abita East Apts., Abita East to 36, 36 to Abita Oaks Blvd., Abita Oaks Blvd. to Abita Oaks Loop, Abita Oaks Loop back to Abita Oaks Blvd., Abita Oaks Blvd. to 36, end of route.

*Back to Fire Station*


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