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Burn Ban RESCINDED as of 2/23/22 at 4:00pm. Town Ordinances still apply.

The statewide burn ban is rescinded.

Please remember that we do still have a burn ordinance in town limits that guides how, when and where you can burn.

Sec. 10-217. - Controlled fire or open burning. A controlled fire or open burning of leaves, trash and yard debris, such as pine needles, pine cones, shrubs, brush and cut timber in Abita Springs shall not be a violation of this chapter if the following guidelines are adhered to:

(1)The fire area shall not be greater than eight feet in diameter;

(2)The height of burning materials shall not be greater than four feet;

(3)Burning shall only occur between sunrise and one hour before sunset;

(4)The fire site shall not be unattended;

(5)A functional water hose shall be located next to the fire site; and

(6)The fire sites shall be located at least ten feet from the nearest property line.

(7)There shall be no more than one fire site per home site or parcel of land.(8)The fire site shall be located at least 50 feet from any structure, if nearer than 50 feet from a structure a container must be used.

Sec. 10-218. - Recreational fires. Recreational fires will be allowed after dark. The fire shall not be greater than four feet in diameter. The height of the burning material shall not be greater than four feet.


Burn ban being issued by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal effective February 15th at 8am. Contact St. Tammany Fire District # 8 if you need to report issues and concerns.


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