Occupational License

Prior to applying for an Occupational License, those seeking to do business within the corporate limits of Abita Springs must contact the Planning & Zoning Director and apply to the P&Z Commission for approval of the business.

Cindy Chatelain

Office: (985)892-0711 ext. 3955

How to get an Abita springs Occupational License

1. First you need approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Call Cindy Chatelain to request addition to the monthly meeting agenda. 

Cindy Chatelain 985-892-0711 ext. 3955 


2. Attend P&Z Meeting to request the P&Z Commission's approval for the business.  

3. Once approved by the P&Z Commission you will need to complete the Occupational License Application from Revenue Discovery Systems website.

4.  Mail completed application with fee to the address on the application.   

(New Business cannot file the occupational license application online. It must be mailed.  Renewals are eligible for online filing.)


Each person pursuing any trade, profession, vocation, calling or business should then apply for an Occupational License.


Business owners are required to keep separate records for each place of business.

Make Check Payable To: Tax Trust Account


Mail to:

RDS--LA Occupational License Tax

9618 Jefferson Highway, Suite D #334

Baton Rouge, LA 70809


Toll Free Phone 800-556-7274

Toll Free Fax Number 844-528-6529



RDS Website: http://revds.com/taxpayer/select-your-state/louisiana/taxpayer-forms/

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