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How do I tell if a house or piece of property is in the Abita Town Limits?

A1: Below are two links to maps that outline the Town Limits.  If you are still unsure or the property is right on the border, please call P&Z Office (985) 892-0711, Option 4.

Google Map.jpg
Bing Map.jpg

A2: Visit the St. Tammany Parish Geoportal to get more information about the property you are interested in.  If the Assessment number starts with 115, you are in the Town limits.  If you have questions please call P&Z Office (985) 892-0711, Option 4.


What is the flood zone for property?

A1: Below is a link to the LSU AgCenter Flood Maps.  


If you still have questions please call Kristin Tortorich in the Planning & Zoning Department (985) 892-0711, Option 4.

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