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Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market Vendor Application


Please fill out an application and we will follow up with you as soon as we can!

Please fill out the following application completely. We ask that you allow 2 weeks for your application to be processed and for the Market Manager to contact you.

The primary goal of the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market is to provide a convenient and enjoyable location for approved vendors to sell their products as efficiently as possible. To accomplish this goal, restrictions must be placed on the types of goods offered, and on the level of supply of certain goods. Not being accepted as a vendor is not necessarily a reflection of the applicant or the product offered; as the Abita Art & Farmers Market grows, and as the demand for goods increases, an application once rejected may be reviewed and accepted in the future.


The Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market is held every Sunday, 11-3, rain or shine. You can start setting up as early as 8:30 AM and all vendors MUST be set up by 10:45 AM. If you sell out of product while at market, then additional flyers/advertising should be created to explain your product & you must stay until the end of market. 

Rules & Regulations

Updated October 27, 2020

  1. The Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market is a “producer-only” event. All products sold at the market must be grown, cooked, created, etc. by the vendor, or immediate members of the vendor’s family. The vendor may be an employee of the producer.

  2. Items may not be purchased and resold for profit at the market.

  3. Vendors are only allowed to bring items that were approved on their application. Prior to introducing a new product, a vendor must complete the appropriate parts of the application form and be approved for the new product.

  4. Produce and prepared items not grown, cooked, etc., at the address listed on the application cannot be sold at the market.

  5. All Vendors who cook hot foods must have their own fire extinguishers.

  6. All vendors shall allow an Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market representative to inspect their facility at a convenient, scheduled time.

  7. Hold Harmless Clause: All authorized vendors participating in the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market shall be individually responsible for any loss, personal injury, death, and/or other damage that may occur as a result of the vendor’s negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees. Because no insurance is provided to participants in the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market, each vendor is responsible for his/her own product liability insurance.

  8. Each vendor is responsible for applying for LA Sales Tax ID Number.

    1. CLICK HERE for LA Secretary of State Business Services

    2. CLICK HERE for Steps for Starting a Business

  9. Each new vendor is responsible for applying for LA Sales Tax Registration Account Number for St. Tammany Parish and with the State. Proof of application is required before acceptance to the market.

    1. CLICK HERE for St. Tammany Parish Registration for Sales/Use of Tax ID#

    2. CLICK HERE for LA Department of Revenue Business Homepage

    3. CLICK HERE for LA Department of Revenue Business Registration

    4. CLICK HERE for LA Department of Revenue Sales Tax information

  10. Farmers and producers of fruits, vegetables, grains, or meats selling direct to consumers are tax exempt.

    1. CLICK HERE to view Louisiana Revised Statutes 3:3673 for detailed information regarding this law.

  11. Vendors should inform the Market Manager if they will not be participating that Sunday. We understand that life happens and there will be days you will not be able to attend. Please call Katie at 985-892-0711, ext. 3960. 

  12. Booth Rental

    1. Booth assignment is made at the discretion of the Market Manager. No guarantee is made that a booth will be reserved indefinitely for a vendor. The location determined for the vendor by the Market Manager is not subject to dispute.

    2. Booth sizes are 10x10

    3. You are required to provide your own table, tent, umbrella, seating, etc.

    4. All spaces are uncovered and open-aired.

  13. Rent Prices

    1. $25.00 Day Vendor (Includes electricity)

    2. $80.00 Monthly Vendor, per 4-week month (Includes electricity - Savings of $20.00)

    3. $100.00 Monthly Vendor, per 5-week month (Includes electricity - Savings of $25.00)

  14. Rent Schedule

    1. Rent of $80.00 per 4-week month ($100.00 per 5-week month) will be due on the Wednesday prior to the1st Market Sunday of the month.

    2. If you do not pay the monthly fee on the Wednesday prior to the 1st Market Sunday of the month, you will pay the $25.00 Day Vendor fee for each Sunday of the month.

    3. We are a rain or shine market. This means if you pay for the month you will not receive a refund/credit if you do not attend.

    4. If the market manager decides to close the market on a Sunday due to severe weather (or any other unforeseen circumstance) you will be refunded/credited for that day.

    5. Absence from the market for 4 consecutive weeks will require a reapplication, which may or may not be done by telephone and will result in the loss of the vendor’s space at the market. It is the responsibility of the vendor to contact the Market Manager regarding his/her return.

  15. A vendor’s acceptance may be rescinded based on the diminished quality of product, inconsistent attendance, or for other significant reasons.

  16. Any vendors who prepare food on site MUST have a fire extinguisher at all times. This is nonnegotiable any anyone required to have one must be able to present it and prove it is in good working order or they will be asked to leave immediately. 

  17. Rules & Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Market Manager.

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