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The mission of the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market

To support our locally produced food systems and artists, improving public health by cultivating relationships with the people who grow, raise, and produce the food we eat and the art displayed in our homes.


The Vision statement of Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market:

To tell a story about sustainability and well-being, and how those two interact. We do this by supporting local sustainable farmers, as well as educating the public. This education includes healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, eating with the seasons, how to be more eco friendly, and helping to understand the creative process of local artisans. Our vision is to use this market to improve the physical, mental, and social health of our community, all of which starts with good nutrition.

Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in participating as a vendor at the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market.

By completing this form, you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. Vendors who violate these rules or engage in unprofessional conduct will no longer be allowed to participate in the market.

The guidelines described herein are subject to periodic modification. 

Fees per space are as follows:

Prepay on 1st Sunday of the month:

No electricity - $15.00 per week = $60.00 /4 week month; $75.00 / 5 week month

With electricity - $20.00 per week = $80.00 / 4 week month; $100.00 / 5 week month


Pay per week:

No electricity - $20.00 per week

With electricity - $25.00 per week

These fees will be effective April 7, 2019.




2.) The sale of the following is strictly prohibited: live animals with the exception of sanctioned animal adoption agencies, tobacco products, firearms, explosives, ammunition, pornographic materials, and any other item that may be deemed inappropriate. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless approved by the governing authority and all required permits are obtained. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by vendors during market hours is also prohibited.


3.) All items for sale must be displayed within the space you are assigned. Spaces average 100 sf except for under the Pavilion. Pavilion spaces are slightly smaller.


4.) The Market is held rain or shine. There are no refunds. Credits will be issued to prepaid vendors if the event is canceled by the Town.


5.) You must keep your area clean during the event and leave it clean. Please be considerate of other vendors and visitors to the market.


6.) No animals shall be permitted to run loose, free or at large.


7.) Vendors are expected to act in a professional manner.


8.) Event organizers assume no responsibility for any physical loss or damage at any time to the physical property of any vendor. You will indemnify and hold harmless event organizers from any loss, cost, or expense of any sort or nature, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, and will indemnify and hold the market harmless for any liability to any person on account of any damage to persons or property resulting or occurring by reason of the use and occupancy of a space by a vendor, or for the failure of a vendor to comply in any respect with or to perform any of the requirements and provisions of these rules and regulations.


9.) This is a producer’s market. All items for sale must be produced or grown by the vendor.


10.) You are required to provide your own table, tent, umbrella, seating, etc.


11.) Parking is limited. Vendor parking is in the rear school parking lot. Parking areas along Holly St and Main St shall be reserved for visitors.


12.) Market hours are Sundays, 11:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The market manager will be on site from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm. No vehicles will be allowed in the market area after 10:30 am or before 3:00 pm. Vendors with pre-designated spots will be allowed to set up no earlier than 9:00 am. The market manager will assign spaces to all other vendors beginning at 10:00 am. Space is limited. Unassigned monthly vendors will be given priority in site selection over weekly payers.  The market manager is authorized to reassign spaces.  


13.) No vehicles are allowed on the lawn.


14.) Prior approval must be obtained from the market manager before any changes to your product description list can be made.


15.) Vendors will be allowed to share a space if they do not exceed the assigned area. This will be determined by market manager.


16.) Subleasing of spaces is prohibited.


17.) Vendors shall carry appropriate liability insurance.