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Stoney Point Farm

Stoney Point Farm, a family owned and operated farm North of Lake Pontchartrain in Franklinton, LA, provides a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables for Abita Fresh. Check out their farm box which changes weekly and is full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and raw honey.

Stacy's Canned Creations

Locally made salsas, pickles and jams. Made with products from local farmers with no artificial ingredients.

Little House Bakery

Small bread bakery providing fresh hot breads for farmer's markets, festivals and special orders.

Brown Hat Farm

Happy chickens lay beautiful, delicious eggs! 

What started out as a fun hobby 2 years ago has now become a full-time business which now includes nearly 160 hens. We just love our "girls". Nothing but the best for our chickens including lots of nutritious foods like corn, barley, wheat, flax, oats, seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. They are not just a business to us, but more importantly, they are our pets. Most have names and come to us when we call them. Many of them are named after friends from high school whom I have recently become reacquainted with after our 40th reunion party. It's all very personal to us, and I believe that why our farm eggs are so special.

Home Grown Produce Farm

Amite, LA

The Peanut Factory

The Sale of Boiled and Roasted Peanuts at Farmer Market's and Festivals. Cashew and Peanut Brittle, Cheese Straws, Fruit Breads. Fried Pies, Mini Fruit Pie

The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree Company USA, LLC is a locally owned NOLA based personal care company which promotes transparency with ingredients made from nature.

Robin's Rockin' Pepper Jelly

I take a traditional pepper jelly and give a cajun spicy twist by adding a unique combination of spicy habaneros, fresh fruits and even liquor.

Mama's Hot Tamales

Mamas Hot Tamales ... we are at the Abita Springs Farmers market . we have home made hot tamales $10 a doz every sunday 12-4 at the market .

Abita Fresh

Naturally Well with Samantha

Natural Healing for Your Family

Homemade Organic Elderberry Syrup and Organic Elderberry Glycerin Tincture
www.naturallywellwithsamantha.com 985-590-7670

Heavenly Bodies

Our products use ingredients that are organic or are known not to be genetically modified. Olive oil is either organic or sourced from Italy or Greece. We take pride in our ingredients because not just our customers use them, but so do we. It is important to us that our products contain no toxins, artificial ingredients, or fragrances. We do not use essential oils because some individuals are sensitive to scents and these include even essential oils.

All of our products have been tested on humans, not animals. We tested for skin sensitivity along with how well our tester felt our products worked.The only preservative in our products is our Shungite infused oils and water and sea salt.

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