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Highlights involve financial reporting, cutting unneeded expenses, restructuring personnel and processes, and investing more resources to restore our infrastructure.

Financial & Money Management

Introduced LAMP account to increase interest revenue. Reduced administrative costs in by resulting in savings of . Admin costs are under budget saving . Governmental funds surplus at . This will help to pay for the critical projects listed below. : Changes made to reduce costs while not impacting services. Ex: Insurance, utilities, contract labor.

Public Works

Public Works includes, water, sewer, gas, labor for street repair and drainage, dumpsters, traffic circle, hazardous tree removal, equipment repairs, and structural repairs and improvements. The department is on pace to increase annual productivity by 130%.

Sewer Rehabilitation

Contract Proposals are currently being reviewed for repair of main sewer lines and lateral connections to homes and businesses through utilization of cured-in-place and grouting process. The bid process for lift station repairs will follow.


Recycling costs increased by $1.68 per household, per month. Although the town has temporarily absorbed the increase, the contractor is investigating ways to reduce his costs.

Farmer's Market

Reorganized and added 2 Market Managers & 3-person volunteer Market Board to revitalize. Added new vendors who focus on community farming and artisan products.


Water Well

Repairs include a new stuffing box and mechanical seal which require some disassembly. Est. cost $8,000.

Secondary Source of Water

The Louisiana Department of Health requires a secondary source of water. The Town was granted an extension until 2020. The estimated cost to drill a second well is over $400,000.

Monitoring System

Adding a monitoring system to our well will alert us to any loss of pressure at the tower. Three critical lift stations will also be monitored. Estimated cost: $10,000. One boil-water avoidance will pay for the system.

Water Meter Replacement Drive-By System

Currently over 375 meters require manual reading each month. That number continues to climb as old meters fail which dedicates an employee’s time for a week every month. Replacing all meters with working drive-by reading capability is estimated at $250,000.

Sewer Plant

Sewer plant currently running at 70% capacity during normal operating conditions. Rehabilitating the current plant and adding other methods of handling I & I including a wastewater stabilization lagoon and construction of a new plant. Estimated cost $350,000. Partial rehabilitation repairs are currently estimated at $45,000.

Lift Station Repairs

Urgently-needed rehab of the Ballpark lift station cost $30,000. 16 lift stations that are in dire need will be repaired under LDEQ sewer loan.

Town Hall Renovation

Replacing flooring in one office in the town hall demonstrated the deteriorating condition of the building. Repairs for plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flooring and additional storage capacity are needed. Est. $250,000

Street Rebuilding & Overlay

Several streets within the town are in dire need of repair and overlay.

Equipment Additions & Replacement

Vehicles and equipment require proper and timely maintenance. Several major pieces of equipment are at or beyond their useful life and repair costs and downtime are negatively affecting our ability to react to systems failures. Ex.: 24-year-old Dump Trucks. Transmission repairs will cost thousands. Many other examples.

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