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Engineering Projects Update- March 2018

Jean Thibodeaux

Railroad Avenue - Contractor has ordered material and construction will start when the material arrives. Appears that construction will be in April/May.

Recreational trails - Project permit application is being review by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We expect to receive the permit in March. We are currently following up with the Corps to get an update.

Abita Meadows - Currently in Final Stage Review and the majority of final stage comments have been addressed.

Drainage maintenance - Developed plan to improve known problem areas with short term maintenance or develop engineering plans for more complicated situations. Several items have progressed and we continue to work new requests.


Andre Monnot

Sewer Rehabilitation Program: Smoke testing and manhole inspection has been completed. CCTV inspection and dye testing of sewer gravity mains began on Monday, 2/19/18; likely to conclude in May/June. Crews report much heavier sediment in sewer lines than expected.

Harrison Ave Extension Land Use and Transportation Study: A draft report of findings and analysis is to be presented to the Regional Planning Commission on March 26th.

Utility Service to LADOTD: The Town will extend water and sewer service to the new LADOTD facility on the State-owned property on LA36. Cost will be finalized with the construction contractor in the next few days, then the Town and LADOTD will sign an agreement for execution of the work.

Meadows: Final comments on the Developer’s engineering drawings will be issued tomorrow. Very minor in nature.


Greg Lemons

Grant to Provide LED Lighting along trace and selected sidewalks: No change -DOTD has reports to review.

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