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Fall Message 

Fall Message from Mayor Greg Lemon

Communication: We are happy to announce the addition of a web-based newsletter, the “Abita Springs Town News." The first addition is scheduled for January 2019!  The “Town News” will be published 4 times a year in digital format. Information can also be found on our website in the meeting minutes, on our blog and on Facebook.


Sewer Rehabilitation: At this writing the discovery phase of our sewer project is complete. During heavy rains the failures of underground piping has allowed stormwater to enter into and burden the entire town sewer system including the lift stations and sewer plant. This is called inflow and intrusion. (click link for graphics and details) When this happens stormwater and sewage backs up. The staff including myself, Johnny Clay, and Niki Mendow along with the Town Engineer will meet to provide input, prioritize and establish a plan for repairs and improvements. The project is expected to take three to four years and will include replacement of unrepairable pipe, installation of cure-in-place liners, rehabilitation and improvements to lift stations, Geographic Information System mapping of underground infrastructure and the purchase of a vacuum truck. We will keep you posted.   


Drinking Water: The state mandated chlorination of our drinking water continues to be a focus. The Town is applying for a grant to add injection points and line looping techniques to accomplish the objective of maintaining chlorine levels nearer the minimum required at 0.5 milligrams per liter at all points in the water distribution system.  


Master Plan: The Town Planning Commission, along with staff and a member of the Board of Aldermen recently participated in a planning training required by state law. Additionally, Louisiana Revised Statute 33:106 stipulates that “A municipal planning commission shall make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the municipality.”  This plan, generally referred to as a Master Plan, would incorporate what the community see as its vision for the Town’s future related to land use, transportation, public works, historic preservation, economic development, town center improvements, open space and recreational areas, and where and how the Town should grow. The development of this plan would be overseen by a professional planner with participation to be defined by a proposed scope of work. Key to the process is your input, the residents and property owners that have invested themselves in the Town of Abita Springs and its future. 

We want to hear from you!  Let us know what you would like to see included in our returning quarterly newsletter!

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